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Words   You are every shade of beautiful And every taste of sweet Like a work of art revered Or a cool rain in the heat My words to you are unspoken Or are spoken but not heard Speaking to one who wo...
When A Man Loves A Woman
When A Man Loves A Woman When a man loves a woman,He sees her soul in her eyes,will be honest with her always,and never need to lie.When a man loves a woman,so gentle he will be,respect her feelings a...
If You See Her, Say Hello
If you see her, say hello, she might be in Tangier She left here last early Spring, is livin' there, I hear Say for me that I’m all right though things get kind of slow She might think that I’ve forgo...
Topics: love, Bob Dylan, song
Something From The Heart
Something From The Heart When you write something from the heart, You try to express a deep blazing emotion. Words seem shallow and you struggle with all attempt to present your play. When you sing so...
Topics: poetry, love, heart
a joke
A married couple is travelling by car to visit family. After almost eleven hours on the road, they were too tired to continue and decided to take a room. But, they only planned to sleep for four hours...