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Video: Tiago Teixeira

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 Due to a copyright infringement, that I tried to resolve without success (so far at least), I was forced to create this second version. The response to my original video was both overwhelming and unexpected. I am publishing this second version without part of the footage previously used, and replaced it with some more images that I found quite impressive as well. Paris is more salient now, Chicago was tuned down a bit (some people complained about the original version having too much Chicago), added a dash of Lisbon, and a scene that might seem to be religiously biased but that I believe encompasses the solitude and starkness of our times. Values such as preseverance and fortitude facing obstacles and the hope of "rebirth" after hardship were concepts that I tried to convey in pictures. I also thought it was an appropriate scene to include, being that today is Easter. I hope you don't get offended by it.

In redoing this video, I am fully aware that it wont recover the views that the original one had amassed. I'm sorry for those that wanted to see the original version, read through the comments, etc, and now have to see this one instead. I tried to fix a few errors, and tried to make it better in some regards at least.

As I said in the original video: "I found the images of the emptiness captured on cities all over the world to be heartbreaking and eerie. We are living a surreal situation. I decided to edit this video using footage from several famous cities; New York, Chicago, San Francisco (briefly), Budapest and Paris. With the images of the chinese quarter in Chicago at the start of the video I tried to make a reference to the virus' origin, and to the chineses cities that were placed in lockdown. I don't mean to point fingers with it. Hope you enjoy the video. The song choice was "Sound of Silence", by Simon and Garfunkel (Disturbed cover)."

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To all of you that watched and shared the video, I truly appreciate it. Thank you. Big thanks as well to Simon and Garfunkel for the original song, and Disturbed for this amazing Cover. Also to the band Disturbed for sharing this video on their official Facebook page, thus allowing more people to view this video.

Stay safe and may Light be with you all.